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Quality Policy Caissa S.A.
Quality Policy Caissa S.A.


Company dedicated to the Import, Storage and Distribution of medical devices and food for medical use, has defined the following “Quality Policy” This document is property of Caissa S.A. It can not be reproduced without the express authorization of its Management.

1.- Commitment to provide a quality service to our customers, considering the category and type of brands we represent, in order to meet their requirements and exceed their expectations with quality.

2.- Comply with the requirements of the quality management system based on ISO 9001: 2015 and implement continuous improvement plans, as well as maintain a system that allows the traceability of our products. Likewise, the company complies with the requirements that it subscribes with all its interested parties as well as all the applicable legal requirements.

3.- Have competent personnel according to the defined standards to fulfill the functions related to our field, train them and permanently evaluate what they have learned.

4.- Generate a strategic alliance with our suppliers, and meet their high quality standards and requirements, which may even exceed local standards.

5.- Our distribution center has a high standard regarding the infrastructure for the storage and maintenance of the products that are commercialized, therefore, the commitment is to implement a system that allows us to work in a safe, efficient and effective way. to defined quality standards that are in accordance with current regulations.

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